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VietinBank Online Banking gives you a time-saving way to control your finances. With our Online Banking you can do the payment, place the standing order, check your account balance and other functions from the comfort of your house, office or any place where you have access to the internet.
Q. What is Online Banking?
A. Online Banking is a web-based application that allows you to access and make transaction on your accounts 24/ 7 days a week
Q. What do I need to make use of this service and how does it work?
A. All you need is a personal computer with Internet access, and web browser of your choice i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox
Q. How do I sign-up for Online Banking?
A. Please contact your nearest VietinBank branch to request for using Online Banking services
Q. I'm already registered for Online Banking. How do I sign-on?
A. As long as you have an Internet connection, simply open your browser and log on to VietinBank website under https://www.vietinbank.de and click on the Online banking for private customer or direct access under the link: https://ebanking.vietinbank.de/ebanking/login.jsp. Enter your user id and password as requested and you will be allowed access to your accounts.
Q. What is a Transaction authentication number (TAN)?
A.It is a single, unique and time-sensitive password used as added security on Online Banking.
Q. How does TAN work?
A. Your TAN will be sent to your registered mobile number whenever you perform transactions that require a TAN. The system will prompt you to enter your TAN after which you will be able to continue with your transaction.
Q. Which transactions require me to use a TAN?
A. All financial transactions requires a TAN.
Q. How will you send my TAN to me?
A. Your TAN will be sent to your registered mobile number.
Q. Can I use a TAN twice?
A. No, it is valid only for one Online Banking transaction.
Q. How long is the TAN valid for?
A. It is valid for five minutes from the time you receive it.
Q. How secure is VietinBank Online Banking?
A. The latest electronic encryption technology ensures the secure transfer of information over the Internet. Our Online Banking service is safe. Because your account security is important to us, we have built safety measures into VietinBank website which reflect the importance of this issue. You'll be allowed to change your own password, and all information sent and received is encrypted.
Q. Does VietinBank charge to use the Online Banking service?
A. No, it's free of charge at the moment.
Q. What if I forget my User Id and Password?
A. If you have forgotten your Online Banking Access User ID or password, you may visit your nearest Vietin Bank branch or e-mail us at info@vietinbank.de or call our Customer Service specialists at +49-69-255119-0, we can assist you after verifying your identity
Q. Can I view all my accounts via the Internet, including my accounts at other branches of VietinBank in Germany?
A. Yes, you can view all your accounts. Our Online Banking package enables you to view your accounts irrespective of the branch where the account is domiciled.
Q. How secure is my transaction?
A. Your personal information and data is protected and reliability ensured. Our built-in multi-layered security protects your identity, making it safe, while continuing ease-of-use. Moreover, all financial transactions are authenticated by TAN.
Q. How often can I transfer funds?
A. You can transfer funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week up to the maximum limit or the allowed number of the transactions per day.
Q. Can I transfer funds internationally through Online Banking?
A. Yes.
Q. What if I have another question?
A. Kindly e-mail us at info@vietinbank.de or call our Customer Service specialists at +49-69-255119-0.